High Society

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  1. Little Accumulation

High Society
by Cotton Mather


Has someone pointed out out that Homer was spoken word?
Other than a wheezing academic in Spokane?
Please tell me there isn’t a “poetry” night at a coffee shop there called “Spokane Word”
Unless they’re giving out scholarships to people who just say thank you and get out of there.
But returning to Homer,
He couldn’t see anything but he sang his rear end off.

Poetry “slam” 850 BC…
In this corner we have Josh Tully from Spokane delivering his sermon on regional insults
against his tender disposition while flicking the air with his hands.

And in this corner we have a “Homer” from parts unknown,
And he says it’s going to be awhile.


(Correspondence 1993)

“Dear “S”,
I want to thank you for sending me the Cotton Mather. I do think that Robert Harrison is an extremely talented artist but I don’t know where his music fits in the world. It doesn’t sound like anything else out there right now”.

“?” at Elektra Records

(Correspondence 2016)

Dear Robert,
Great to hear from you. You know I’m a big fan and have been from the start. Thank you for sending me the new Cotton Mather songs. I think they’re very good but the problem is I don’t know what I’d do with them because they don’t sound like anything out there right now.

Okay kids
It’s official
We’re going to have to eat the cats…


All these clouds and not a lick of rain
But I refuse to move to Spokane

Hexagram 9, Little Accumulation gives counsel on enduring those spells where the clouds appear ready to burst but don’t. One must take the long view. Having been in this spot before, you know the rain shall fall eventually and bounty will return.

“High Society” performed by RH, WW, D.Murphy, and GR. Recorded by RH at The Star Apple Kingdom. Mixed and mastered by Lars Goransson at Sounds Outrageous

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