Child Bride

Child Bride
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“Child Bride” by Cotton Mather

seldom a favorite reading to receive and typically a reminder that my life is an ongoing exhibit of lessons unlearned. for instance i can tell you that if you’re ever going to jump over a fence on halloween night in an effort to rescue a drunk driver, you’d better remove your nun’s costume first, unless you want to spend the next two months on crutches. not that I know anyone who would ever do such a thing , but it’s a good example of childish folly. of course you don’t  need a costume to screw up royally . millions of people are making complete jackasses out of themselves every day with just their smartphones.  i wonder-has any invention in the course of human history afforded more people the chance to commit ruinous acts of “youthful  folly”- than the smartphone? i think that after finishing this song journal i shall write a book of etiquette called,”you are not invisible, you’re only on your smartphone”. it will sell like hot cakes next Christmas- girlfriends giving it to their boyfriends, parents to children and visa versa- always with a little wink and unspoken rebuke that would make Emily Post proud.


“Child Bride” performed by Robert Harrison, Darin Murphy, Whit Williams, and George Reiff

special guest Derek Morris

Recorded by RH at The Star Apple Kingdom

Additional recording and mixing by Lars Goransson at Sounds Outrageous



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