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The Army
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“The Army” by Cotton Mather


holidays over and the tofurkey gone round the bend. dozing, reading this biography of stonewall jackson, and seeing how, on the cnn ticker,  pete rose has once again been denied admittance into the hall of fame   ….. i bet he’d have made one heck of an infantryman though, under stonewall’s command- ole’ charlie hustle fearlessly crashing into the hail of lead and fire at antietam or fredericksburg . he’d have probably caught his commanding officers attention and been climbing up the ranks to captain until he bilked the wrong guy out of his hardtack or shortchanged the canteen. back when he was plotting the campaign to rehabilitate his image, after bart giamatti busted him down to private first class, he should have  consulted the I Ching,  because he might have received this reading with the fourth changing line, which is all about how and when to lay low, to “stay down” in boxing vernacular, or when NOT to engage “your army”, something thomas stearns jackson knew all too well. perhaps this might have dissuaded pete from strapping on the gaudiest wingtip shoes and chess king attire money could buy and setting up camp right there on the sidewalk outside the shrine in cooperstown to hawk his memorabilia like a deranged carnival barker. i doubt this has helped his cause.

maybe he’d have lost the war anyway.


Recorded by RH tat The Star Apple Kingdom. Mastered by Bob Ohlsson. Cello- Jen Mulhern



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